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Time Blocking: The Distraction-Free Way to Structure Your Day

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Struggle to make time for your goals… or life in general? You need to time block! Learn all about this powerful productivity method in this short, easy-to-digest "Crash Class", where we only cover the details you need to know and leave out the fluff!

This class covers:

  • What time blocking actually means and the two types of blocks you can use to build your ideal day. 
  • How time blocking can help you limit distractions, focus on the task at hand, and get more done. 
  • THREE action steps you can take to create your own customized schedule. 
  • The biggest temptations most people have when they start time blocking and how to avoid them.

The best part is, you'll become proactive about your time, rather than reacting to all the balls thrown your way. And, you'll have margin to spare!

Your purchase includes:

  • 22 minute video
  • 3 Printable worksheets to help implement what you learn
  • PDF slide deck for reference

Note: This is a digital file only. Nothing physical will be mailed to you. But that also means you can attend your class instantly after purchasing!